Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OGC Tips and Tricks

Last summer I was approached by TurfNet and asked to share some of my professional tips and tricks that I utilize to care and prepare the golf course. TurfNet is an online professional networking platform where golf course superintendents can share experiences, opinions, tips & tricks, solutions and mistake avoidance tactics. Many of my management adaptations have been a result of information shared throughout TurfNet.
Below are links to (3) Tips & Tricks videos that I fumbled my way through. I enjoyed the process and the opportunity to highlight the Oconomowoc Golf Club. However, I quickly came to realize that I have a face for radio and my acting skills are nonexistent. These videos were recorded and can be seen on TurfNet TV.
Mower Routing Card

Tool Wall

Protecting Bunker Edges

Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy.